== eq equals In Scala

Recent day when I was coding and a problem was encountered. After the screening, I find that there is something different between Java and Scala to judge object equality.

Scala中== eq equals区别


Fluentd Performance Tuning

We have deployed the log colleges system in the k8s cluster before, but have poor performance. The maximum resource of Fluentd is 800M memory and 1 CPU, it can only process and push almost 1500 logs per second. We need performance tuning.

Fluentd 性能优化


DolphinScheduler Start Docker & Kubernetes Config Data Injection Ideas

After DolphinScheduler was deployed succeeded, I was thinking about how to inject the config data into the project. This document is for recording.

DolphinScheduler启动时参数注入思路(Docker & Kubernetes)


DolphinScheduler Deployment on Docker & Kubernetes Question Summary

Recently we are working on deployment dolphinscheduler on docker & k8s following the official guide.

DolphinScheduler部署中的一些坑(Docker & Kubernetes)


Fluentd 缓冲区写满排查 & 优化


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