Recording one troubleshooting of Quartz repeated scheduling (DolphinScheduler)

We have used DolphinScheduler as our schedule framework for a long time. But we always monitor some repeated scheduling questions. This blog records the whole process for resolve this issue.






Using Prometheus To Monitoring K8s Cluster

Now that our service is deployed in the K8s cluster, we want to deploy a monitoring service to automatically monitor the resources in the K8s cluster. This blog is divided into two parts. First is using Prometheus to monitor the service for our K8s cluster, when the monitor service finds some node or pod has issues and sends an alert as soon as possible, our deployer can fix the issues asap. And the second page is coded as simply Shell scripts to test the cluster’s network.



Support E2E Test && Jenkins Build Pod Could not connect to Ryuk

Now we use DolphinScheduler version 2.0.5 to build our data platform, and we want to improve our platform stability and find the bugs as soon as pissboy, so we want to introduce an E2E test in our project. Writing for recording enabling the E2E test process and the resolution of the Could not connect to Ryuk question.

支持E2E测试 && Jenkins Build Pod Could not connect to Ryuk

我们目前在使用DolphinScheduler 2.0.5版本搭建大数据调度平台,由于想要提高系统稳定性,尽早能发现bug,所以我们想在项目中引入E2E测试。本文记录启用E2E的过程和遇到Could not connect to Ryuk问题的解决过程。

Apache DolphinScheduler March Online MeetUp

Cisco Hangzhou’s Travel Through Apache DolphinScheduler Alert Module Refactor

Apache DolphinScheduler三月线上MeetUp

杭州思科对 Apache DolphinScheduler Alert 模块的改造。

Hexo Autofill Increment Id

After modifying the url to XXX.1.html, record how to autofill increment id when new posts are created.

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